4k: The question and the Answer? 4k and beyond.


To 4k or not to 4k; that is the question. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement around us, even when we have no involvement – celebrity gossip stalks us at the supermarket and turmoil plagues the news, all driven by our morbid fascination with the lives of the wealthy. Whether or not these people’s decisions merit attention, the public makes it a personal mission to study them. True, infatuation with fame and fortune is not always wrong, but the semiotics from the media giants who constantly remind us that if we are not one of these people, we are not important. Thus, in twenty-first century America, the average citizen’s reality is shaped by social construction, with cinema as one of the foremost staging grounds.

[1]“Criminals, drug lords, and violent men are shown as lik...

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Astro Design Has 8k Camera. 8k Begins Testing in 2016 and will be the Standard by 2020


This video explains that in 2016 8k cameras will begin testing in broadcast tv, and will be the standard in china by 2020. So for all you soon to be 4k adopters, remember technology is always changing and the real future proof cameras are “only those which you can change the sensors out”,seriously, the only thing future proof is how you do your art,but, since the resolution will change dramatically over the next 5 to 10 years, try to go above and beyond 4k and make sure your getting the peripherals you need such as dolly’s, fluid heads, building up a team of actors, and lights that you can use in the future regardless of camera technology.

Source Planet5d

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Canon 6d Raw Short Film looks like Alexa! Oz in “I’m Sorry, What?”

This is the first Short I have seen from ANY canon raw camera that I feel really matches the look of a high-end Hollywood movie. This short has the gradation of color tone, and light fall off that the Arri Alexa and Red cameras give off so well. I love it!!!

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Black Servitude?: Why Mainstream Hollywood only applauds Black Films with Enslaved Characters

gone with the wind

From hit box office releases such as The Help, 12 Years A Slave, and Django you have to ask yourself, what is it about all these films that were box office hits have in common?
Aside from bringing in big dollars. One major thing that is hard to overlook are the “inferior” black character roles or insubordinate roles portrayed. Let’s take a look at what I mean by “inferior” “insubordinate” or any other negative connotation tied to a “black” movie which is described as a movie consisting of mostly (if not only) black characters.

1. Characters who are not academically educated.
2. Characters who are living in the streets and in deep poverty.
3. Characters who are enslaved.
4. Characters who are saved by the “white hero”.

It seems to raise some eye-brows, mainly beca...

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Exclusive Interview with Miss East Coast 2014

KeKe 2 Banner

We are very fortuante to have caught up with & sit down, to interview, none other than Miss East Coast 2014 LaQuita “Keke” C. Drayton. Drayton is from New London, CT, a Role M0dle, Motivational Speaker and Activist; She also is an avid Movie lover.


Cinemaboyz [CB...

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Pictures of professional sets


A lot of times it is easy to get overwhelmed with big budget productions. So here are new pictures of professional sets. When you start to see images like these, these setting become less overwhelming. Look at them, dont let them intemidate you.

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90′s camera movement technology


Film making has come a long way, and it is so cool to see how the camera movement technologies we relish over today have come also long way. Check out this 1990′s promotional clip for the Los Angeles Times starring  Jean Claude Van Damme! But be...

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Assistant Director – What one does and why every film needs one


For the film Extinction I was the second Assistant Director. My duties included casting, creating call sheets, scheduling talent, booking meetings and ensuring safety for all of my crew and cast members. 

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