Interstellar is 2 hours and 49 minutes!


We Americans love Christopher Nolan as a Director, his ability to keep his subject matter engaging, dynamic and entertaining for long periods of time are ...

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The Purest Form of Talent: Film Maker Lugao Kasberg



There are a lot of goals people have in the visual arts.

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Blackish Is The Best New Show on TV!


Blackish is the greatest show on TV since the Black American Television Renaissance of the 90′s!

Last ...

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The New New – Ryan Leslie


Ryan Leslie is back with a new visual for the single from his MZRT album. It is classy and simple and DOPE!

At C...

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She’s Having a Baby – 1988


So, the other night I am flipping through channels and I land on the Movies! Channel.

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Bubble Gum Crisis: Tokyo 2040


My new favorite anime is from 1998, it’s called, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. It is filled with action, awesome technology, and is spectacular!

This show ...

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Inspirational Photography Movie – “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


Cinemaboyz is proud to feature a guest blog written by Jayme Parkinson! She is an awarded photographer and film critique, see her work here in the meantime, enjoy her guest post about the film Walter Mitty.

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Thank you Ruby Dee


Ruby Dee was an American actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist and activist.

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