Candy Bar War. Crunch Vs. Krackel Taste Test (Good Movie Food)


crunch vs krackle

In all my years I am very surprised that no one has ever done a taste test comparison between krackel, and Crunch! Hold onto your hats! Because we”re going on a magical chocolaty ride.

Nestlé Crunch is the name of a chocolate bar made of milk chocolate with crisped rice mixed in, produced by Nestlé. Its current slogan is, “For the Kid in You.” It was first introduced in 1937.

Nestlé has recently discontinued the traditional packaging technique of wrapping the bar in aluminum foil, sleeved inside a paper label, in favor of more conventional packaging practices, most likely due to the excessive time it took in double-packaging the bar. The chocolate bar can now commonly be found in a single-ply inner metallised boPET polyester film, typical of convenience foods packaging.

Krackel is a chocolate candy bar made by The Hershey Company.

Krackel contains crisped rice, and is similar to the competing Nestlé Crunch bar made by Nestlé. Krackel originally sold as an individual candy bar product, and is now only available as one of the four varieties of Hershey”s Miniatures. Introduced in 1938, Krackel originally also had almonds in its formula. Peanuts were then added in 1939, but both the almonds and peanuts were removed in 1941. The product”s packaging can be identified by its distinctive red background with white lettering.

So now that we know the history between the 2 candy bars let”s get into the nitty gritty…


Both candy bars have a very beautiful Logo design imprinted on the face.


The crisp rice in the crunch bar is plentiful but the texture of the crisp rice in the krackel bar taste better.


The crunch bar (tops) looks much more produced, where as the krackel bar has an organic, old timely chocolate bar look


The Krackel bars chocolate is richer than that of the crunch bar in taste, however, the crunch bar has a darker color.

All in all I prefer the Krackel bar to the crunch bar, I think the Krackel bar has a much better texture taste and look. The crunch bar taste to produced, it is to commercial.

Just my opinion on a candy bar war :-)

Article by
-Kevin Parkinson

One comment to Candy Bar War. Crunch Vs. Krackel Taste Test (Good Movie Food)

  • Biggs  says:

    I read the wiki on Krackle too and found it interesting that because they removed cocoa butter from the recipe in favor or less expensive oils, that technically (according to the FDA) cannot be called milk chocolate.

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