Cinemaboyz Interview’s Film Director Ryan Leslie (Teaser Trailer)

Ryan-Leslie-Black-Mozart-Album-Download-660x330We are very excited about our interview with Celebrity Film Director Ryan Leslie. We traveled to New York to discuss his passion of film making. Here is the Trailer for the upcoming interview set to drop on New Years Day.

We will be premiering the entire interview, New Years Day 2014! Until then, here is the teaser.


We have been following Ryan Leslie for quit some time now, and we are very excited about his film career. As a Director, he has already given us notable music videos such as Good Girl. 

and most recently his “Black Flag” music video from his Black Mozart Album.These projects have established Leslie as a notable film maker, but it is his Black Mozart Documentary that has us intrigued about his process and style.


Leslie premiered his film in Paris earlier this year to excellent reviews. Had Cinemaboyz had the chance to attend the event, we would have been there. Even fellow recording artist/record producer/Film maker Kanye West was in attendance for the event.


The 25 minuet film explores Leslie’s musical talents and depicts a man, who happens to be a rockstar and mogul.

The Direction Leslie is taking as an artist is reminiscent of Prince’s Under The Cherry Moon, released in 1986; Not for its content and style, which are completely different, but for the risk the established Ryan Leslie is taking on his career. Prince was a controversial artist for his time and his films, although ground breaking, allowed for much criticism and reexamination of his creative process on all levels.

Under the Cherry Moon release poster


We are very glad Leslie is taking the risk, he undoubtedly is a talent to behold. It was very honoring and thrilling to have had the chance to meet the man and discus what we find to be a new style of film making; our very own Gregory D. Moore phrased it as Music Film. The Genre will hopefully be only one of the land marks Leslie leaves on film. Putting in the same realm of Michael Jackson, Prince and Kanye West.

You can Check out our previous post on Ryan and how his has innovated the music video genre with the new Sub Genre – Music Films or As Ryan Puts it More elegantly “Music Motion Pictures” Check out what these are and how they are changing the way we view music videos as a whole here at

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