Hot Music Video: Can’t Rush Love

Can't Rush Love0

As a film maker, I take the blessing of my talent very seriously. I do believe that next to music, motion picture has the strongest and longest lasting impact on a viewer, period. Aside from my faith in God and my family/friends, nothing means more to me. I appreciate every opportunity to make a new project; but what cost is to high?

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Deshaude is one of the most gifted artist I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His music hits me and his talent is undeniable. I was honored that He asked me to shoot his latest music video. It came out great! My team and I were able to bring his ideas to life.

Can't Rush Love Crush blacks and cyan (blue)

However, I learned a great lesson during production of Can’t Rush Love. Your health must come first. I was up for 27 hours at the rap of the video. I drove a PA home and next thing you know when I returned to set it was 8am. As I drove home I fell asleep at the wheel. This was nobodies fault but mine, I quickly came to and pulled my head up, this happened in a matter of seconds. None the less, it was too late. I hit a car. The car saved me from running into the center divider on the 5 freeway in LA. on a sunday morning. I could have killed someone, or myself. I thank God himself for sending that women, all that was damaged was her rare bumper. With this, I say to all film makers, you are no good dead. Take care of yourself, have fun creating and be careful. With no further a due, I present Deshaudes… Can’t Rush Love


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