How to analyze a scene and Why it’s so important

rush hour 2

Every scene has to have a meaning, a purpose. To understand how to analyze a scene is to understand how to compose a scene. In this post we look at how to analyze a scene and what better to analyze than the classic film, Rush Hour 2!

Scene Analysis: Rush Hour 2

When analyzing a scene, key questions must be asked and answered. Watch this classic scene from one of our favorite films at Cinemaboyz, then take a look at the questions asked and answered about the scene.


What is the point of your scene?

 Chris Tuckers character, “Carter” is having a bad time while on vacation with his partner, Lee. Lee has decided to bring Carter to one of the best nightclubs in town to show him a good time.


What is its point in the context of what came before and what is coming after it?

The scene exemplifies the work-a-holic persona of Lee revealed when we are first introduced to his character, by exposing his underlining desire of going to the nightclub only to future investigate a case. Also it exemplifies Carters strong urge to party all the time. It sets up the chance encounter the two cops have with the gang Lee is looking for and exposes Lee’s hidden agenda in working another case even on his partner’s vacation.

What is its point within the context of the entire film?

The scene proves that the two characters under any circumstances can work together and communicate efficiently and fast enough to adjust to any situation. Their bond allows for them to protect each other subconsciously.

Who changes during the scene? (Who’s Scene is it?)

Chris Tucker’s character, Carter dynamically changes from eager party go’er to professional police detective at the first sight of trouble to help his friend Lee.

At what exact points do those changes occur (Beats)

Beat one occurs when Lee and Carter separate and Lee finds the gang he was looking for in the club. The second beat occurs when Carter takes the stage and performs for the crowd. The third beat occurs when Lee tells Carter to get off stage and informs him that the two of them are in fact undercover. Carter expresses his disgust for Lee lying and working on his vacation. The fourth beat occurs when Carter walks onto the stage and demands for the crowd’s participation in locating a gang lord. The scenes final beat is when the gang Lee is looking for vacates the premises and Lee and Carter give chase.

If there is any, what function does the music play in the scene?

The editor of the scene uses the music and ambient sound of the nightclub to indicate each scene beat. Either the music stops or the ambient sound is present or the ambient sound is no longer present due to the music playing in the club.


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