I’m in Love with a Church Girl – Looks Awesome!



I am very inspired by the amount of faith based films being released in America. Ever since Facing The Giants released in 2006, a surge of faith based films have left the rental counters for their release and are coming directly to theaters now. America is still invested in Action, Drama, Comedy and Romance at the box office, but a search for truth in entertainment seems to be on the horizon.



Did I mention how excited I am to rapper “Ja Rule” back on the big screen! Rule has been acting for years in many big budget films, his talent surpasses many other male Rapper/Actors. The fun part of his involvement in this movie is that he has recently been released from prison. Ja Rule said recently in an interview with Angie Martinez that he is on his “God Flow”; that his faith will take president in his artistic crafts for now.


The movie looks awesome from the trailer, and 3 million dollar budget according to IMDB. The production value is going to bring in audience members who are normally turned off by lack luster, low budget looking American faith based  films.  It was shot on the RED one at 2k according to IMDB  then pushed to 4k in post. This is Steve Race first feature as a Director. This is a great look for his debut and from the trailer, I am sure it will not be his last. We all need a start somewhere, and I am glad I’m In Love with a Church Girl will be his first. Adrienne Bailon stars as the love interest. We know her from 3LW and Cheetah Girls Fame. I’m excited to see her performance.


Israel Houghton is producing the film through his Reverence Gospel Media Company. Houghton is an accomplished Gospel artist. He has won a Grammy and is the minister of music at Lakewood church in Houston where Joel Osteen is acting pastor. The Movie drops October 18th at 500 screens nation wide! To see the trailer and find locations visit the movies website here!


2 comments to I’m in Love with a Church Girl – Looks Awesome!

  • Animanalyst  says:

    I didn’t know Israel was in on this. I may have to see it.

    • Kevin Parkinson  says:

      Hope you check it out Tomorrow when it is released! Thanks for your comment!!!!

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