Is the Canon C100 an affordable Cinema Camera?

c100 frontThe more affordable alternative in the canon cinema camera line up. Is the canon C100. It is a 4k sensor which down converts the image to 1080p. Its a 35mm sensor, its color sample is only 4:2:0 internally and uncompressed 1080p output it into an external monitor up to 4:2:2.

This is a Video Test for those who want an idea of how the color gradation looks after a light polish

I personally Like how this cameras handles saturation in post, it isnt too noisy (Image Noise Definition on Wikipedia)

And Here is a  Recent Music video Shot on the Canon C100. (Directed by Martin Hultgren)

I personally REALLY like the dynamic range and latitude this camera gets, especially after this music video. With the 5d, and all the other canon DSLRs, you kind of get more crushed blacks, and that watered out bolshy look in your shadows. As Beautiful as the dslrs ARE, it still isnt as clear as image as the C(cinema) line up canon has created. This camera seems to have much better gradation from light to dark, and much better clarity with the color, I don’t see the green spike I usually see in dslr footage, there is usually green tint to the footage that you have to remove in post. This has a more cinematic look compared to a DSLR, Hands down. It also looks VERY sharp comparatively, keyword here, LOOKS, Its perceived sharpness is way better then tradition DSLRs. The reason I believe it is higher is because, when you watch this video in 360p, it still looks pretty sharp, and I calculate perceived sharpness by how sharp a video looks at the lowest playback setting one can view, then you know those who will watch this in Full HD or on a bigger screen, will get a great sharp image.

BELOW: “Pulse”: One of the first canon C100 video’s to hit the web

This is another Video done with the Canon C100. The thing I like  the way they used this camera to shoot this in a way that doesn’t take much energy to watch. You don’t have to concentrate on anything but the story, its a crisp, stable and consistent image. THE MAIN thing I look for when purchasing a camera, or renting a camera for a shoot, is CONSISTENCY. If your camera can give you consistent results, and not throw the color off after every shot(this is acutely the cinematographers job to make sure its consistent, but the camera can help or make things worse if it has crazy automatic settings, or internal features that make it record inconsistently.  This video in particular actually moved me slightly on an emotional level, which any camera that can do that, and not make me have to blink an eye because the image is great throughout, Is definitely a winner!

The best part is, it only cost around 6-7 thousand dollars. Which is HALF the price for the Canon C300,which is around $14,999. And 5,000 less then the Canon 1dC the 4k dslr for $11,999. Here is a video shot on the C100.

You can purchase one for your production company or short film here LINK: Canon C100 at B&Hphoto


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