RoboCop and Character Bone Structure


RoboCop is one of the most revered films in American Cinematic history. The series covers corruption, greed, hero worship, gentrification, false hope and broken dreams. The Movies in the series also carry an underlining Jesus theme. With that, how does one reintroduce the series to a generation that has seen it all. From Facebook becoming a staple in daily living to a Black President to the glorification of twerking!? What I am getting at is simple, how is a almost, anti hero, re-imagined and celebrated in a time where anything goes and nothing is for certain? 

Robocop TitleThe 1987 staple which is RoboCop, established a character early on in the film that stood for justice and demonstrated guts. This character was crucified so to speak and resurrected as RoboCop. The Jesus story arch is a staple in film making when creating a perfect hero. And why wouldn’t it, Jesus has the greatest story of all time. But today with Wiki at your finger tips and youtube on 24-7 anyone can research what has been used time and time before already. RoboCop 2014 needs to have a few tricks up it’s sleeves and overwhelm the audience with visuals and story; like Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. As a matter of fact, a huge Batman element is needed to make this film work. 2014 RoboCop needs a hero with a dark past and a thirst, a driving thirst to protect the innocent. What better Batman element than the man who created the modern day Batman himself!?


Michael Keaton will be playing the villain this time around and it comes as a pleasant surprise. The father of the dark comic book hero interpretation will now be playing what can be an Iconic villain. I say “can” be because it like the bad guy in the new RoboCop (from the trailer) is an eccentric billionaire company CEO who secretly wants to control the world. I must Say I hope I am wrong, I am tired of this Character Arch in modern day villains. Not all CEO’s are Evil. Like Puff Daddy! I don’t care what you say, that guy is awesome to me!

OG RobocopThe anticipation for RoboCop is going to pick up a lot of steam by the years end, RoboCop is due out 2014! So in the meantime, Below is a out line of how one would create bone structure for a Character. Lets call her Amber. After reading her character structure please copy and paste this into a comment below and create your very own bone structure for a RoboCop that will standout and be relevant in todays world.




Sex Female

Age 26

Height and weight 5’ 5”

Color of hair, Black  eyes, Brown  skin Black

Posture Excellent

Appearance: Fine

Shape of head circle, face high check bones, 

Defects: cant smell.

Heredity: Long hair


Class: upper

Occupation: Scientist in aids research, 90 Hours a week, 6000,000 dollars a year, Private company, Loves her job hates her ability to help through her job, Very suitability for work.

Education: 7 years of college, Victoria School for medicine in Luxemburg, A student, favorite subjects math and science, poorest subjects ethics.

Home life: parents not living, high earning power, mental development, parents’ vices, neglected her by throwing money at her. Character’s marital status single.

Religion Christian

African American

Place in community: Has no community never felt as thou she belonged anywhere.

Political affiliations none

Amusements, Theme parks, dancing.


Abstinent after last lousy relationship

Personal premise, ambition to rid the world of illness starting with aids 

Frustrations, chief disappointments sick children with no health care

Temperament: Realist, sometimes cold. Smiles on occasion at the weirdest things

Attitude toward life: Life is for living but one cant do that sick

Complexes: obsession with danger, phobias is dyeing alone.

Abilities: speaks 1 languages, talents can juggle and create the fastest health potions.

Qualities: Kind heart, Can see the good in the wicked helps the helpless

I.Q. very high



I love how Director Paul Verhoeven shot RoboCop the character. Her used shot design to say a lot about RoboCop’s character’s bone structure. I hope the Director of the Reboot does the same. In 2014 we will see if a new classic is born!

Here is the new trailer for Robocop (2014) with a word from the director. (Skip to 50seconds for new trailer)


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