The Call – Great “Manuel” Movie


Halle Berry’s new film The Call is one of the best manual films of recent times. By manual film I mean a visual representation of what to do in a crisis situation. The Call is a very entertaining movie that keeps you shouting at the screen during the entire run time.



Berry plays Jordan Turner, A 911 operator who retires after a dramatic  call effects her personally. The film Takes us into the psychology of a 9 1 1 dispatcher who has to put emotions on the side to help others in need.


The Call is not going to win an academy award for cinematography, even with its great production design.  These “manual” films however do deserve accolades for the useful information they offer. Sine this movie is targeted at the women demographic it cant be too scary, too violent. It must be watchable to a major audience. This movie is pretty good.

Like The 2002 Jennifer Lopez film Enough is a great example of a manual film we find the protagonist Jennifer Lopez learning how to protect herself from an abusive Relationship.


Like The Call, Enough Showcase what to do in an extreme situation. Again, the cinematography is not so dark that the movie ofends an audience, rather, it teaches.


The dark subject matter in the movie is revealed through story rather than light and color.


Both films offer “lite” cinematography and dark subject matter allowing us to enjoy and learn from mistakes.

The Call is a great movie, very fun!

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-Kevin Parkinson

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